MSA Advantage 1000 CBA/RCA Gas Mask Kit

Price: $289.99

Kit Includes: 1 MSA Advantage 1000 mask, side cap & 1 Filter Cartridge (CBA / RCA Approved)

MSA Advantage 1000

MSA supplies the majority of masks used by the U.S. Military. They've shipped more than 7.5 million chemical-biological & nuclear protective masks to forces around the world and have over 80 years experience in defense engineering.

The Advantage 1000 mask is a clean, simplified respirator with Hycar facepiece (based on a proven facepiece design developed for the U.S. Armed Forces) that’s up to 40% lighter than conventional full-face respirators and gives high performance, customized fit, comfort, economy, and user acceptance.

  • Flexible, 1-piece polyurethane lens with wide field of vision is bonded to durable Hycar™ rubber facepiece
  • Dual-canister mount (bayonet ) allows weapon sighting from either side
  • Fully elastic, 6-point head harness-easy on-off, adjustment, no hair pulling
  • Standard nosecup helps eliminate lens fogging
  • Standard mechanical speaking diaphragm included, or add MSA’s optional ESP II Communications System
  • NIOSH-approved (No. TC-14G-0235) for protection against chloroacetophenone (CN), and chlorobenzylidene (CS) Tear Gases and P100 particulate efficiency level, particulates
  • Effective against OC (pepper spray)
NOTE: Advantage masks are designed for use with small slim-lined Advantage filters, and require an adapter to fit standard 40mm threaded filters.


    • Spectacle Frames
    • Spectacle Frames $74.50
    • Made by MSA for use only with the Advantage 1000 or Millennium masks. The earpieces on regular eyeglasses break the seal of a gas mask. These frames (lenses not included) are fully contained within the mask. Add To Cart
    • MSA ESP II Voice Amplifier
    • MSA ESP II Voice Amplifier $398.50
    • Fits onto the MSA Advantage 1000 and MSA Millennium in seconds. Attaches in seconds w/spring loaded clips. Simple pushbutton On/Off switch. Automatically turns off when removed. Runs on 2 x AAA batteries (included). Lightweight, small and rugged. Amplifies any voice much louder than the built-in voice emitter diaphragm. More recognisable speech. Add To Cart
    • MSA Protective Polycarbonate Lens
    • MSA Protective Polycarbonate Lens
    • Hard polycarbonate lens outsert, snaps into place over the soft MSA Advantage 1000 facepiece lens, providing additional impact protection. Tinted outsert helps conceal identity (suitable only when sufficient light exists).
      Clear Lens: $32.95 Add To Cart
      Tinted Lens: $49.95 Add To Cart