M-95 Military Mask Kit

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Kit Includes: M95 Gas Mask & 1 40mm NBC Filter

M95 Gas Mask Kit

The M95 Military NBC respirator embodies the highest efficiency levels & comfort in modern NBC protection & meets the most critical hazards & stresses encountered in combat. Anatomical accuracy means that the close fit of the M95 mask offers unmatched protection. Nominal protection factor is >10 000. The high-efficiency NBC filter protects against all known chemical and biological agents as well as radioactive and toxic particles.

  • Extremely wide field of vision - due to the close mask fit.
  • Excellent fit & user comfort resulting from computer-aided design (CAD).
  • Anatomical accuracy of the design based on a wealth of facial-form data.
  • Standard 40mm filters may be mounted on either side.
  • Hoseless, leakproof drinking device, intake of liquid 250 ml/min.
  • 6 point head harness which allows for maximum comfort.
  • Mask has a twenty year shelf life.
  • Spectacle frames for prescription lenses. (optional accessory)
Due to extremely low breathing-resistance, the M95 mask is comfortable to wear even for long periods, without affecting user performance. Light in weight: the mask weighs less than 500g, 720g with filter. The small inner mask reduces the dead-space to a minimum and the respirator is easy to don & doff (Donning test: 10 sec.)
Thanks to its slimline design, the M95 is compatible with tactical equipment used in field operations, e.g. optical & communication devices, weapons, protective clothing & more.

Halo-butyl rubber used for the face piece is specially engineered to enhance resistance to all known chemical and biological warfare agents. The silicone inner mask provides comfortable fit and a long storage life. Weight: 1.02 lbs (0.47 kg) (Mask Only). Uses any 40mm NATO filter. Available in regular and small.


    • M95 Canteen
    • M95 Canteen $28.90
    • This canteen is designed exclusively for use with the M-95 respirator. Provides an NBC sealed locking nozzle. Cap is leashed to the bottle to prevent loss. Made of an extremely durable high grade plastic for a lifetime of use. 1 liter. Add To Cart
    • M95 Hydration Valve (Adapter)
    • M95 Hydration Valve (Adapter) $34.80
    • Converts the the proprietary M95 respirator drinking intake to the NATO standard, like the MSA Millennium & FR-M40. Enables the use of hydration systems such as the Hydrastorm or CamelBak. Factory P/N - 45092-001. Add To Cart
    • M-95 Voice Emitter
    • M-95 Voice Emitter $19.80
    • 40mm threaded diaphragm assembly that simply screws into the unused filter port. The filter can be mounted on the left or right on the M-95 mask, with the unused side blocked by a simple threaded plug. This unit replaces the useless plug, making speech much more recognizable to others (especially for those using a microphone or radio). Add To Cart