MSA CBRN Certified Filter Canister

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MSA CBRN Certified Filter Canister

MSA CBRN gas mask filter (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear) As of March 12, 2004, MSA's NEW Millennium CBRN Gas Mask is the FIRST NIOSH-certified CBRN full-facepiece air-purifying respirator (APR) when using this brand new CBRN 40mm gas filter. The Millennium mask using this filter provides first responders with effective respiratory protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents that might be used in a terrorist attack. (NIOSH Approval number TC-14G-0270 note that NIOSH approval comes only when paired with the MSA Millennium respirator)

MSA has manufactured gas masks for almost 90 years and understands how critical CBRN protection is to first responders. MSA is proud to be the first to have met the challenge of meeting the new NIOSH CBRN standards and to provide the equipment to protect first responders in the battle against terrorism.

With nearly a century of history and success behind it, MSA stands ready to protect Americans – this time against all potential airborne contaminants that could be unleashed by terrorists across our homeland. The Millennium CBRN Gas Mask is the most up-to-date example of MSA's commitment and unwavering dedication to protect today's and tomorrow's First Responder. This filter was just produced by MSA as their primary CBRN Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear filter. This CBRN NIOSH approval was just implemented by the federal government in 2004 and the MSA Millennium CBRN mask kit is the first and as of June 2004 the only respirator system to apply for and pass this series of tests.

  • Specifically designed for biological / chemical/ radiological agents
  • Particulate filter is over 99.99% efficient against all particulates and is appropriate for protection against all biological aerosols
  • Exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and low breathing-resistance.
  • Standard 40mm NATO threaded, fits most masks including the MSA Millennium and Advantage 3100 (or the Advantage 1000 and 3200 with an optional 40mm adapter)

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