Scott Promask Kit

Price: $178.99

Kit Includes: Scott Promask & 1 40mm NBC Filter

Scott Promask Gas Mask Kit

The mask is comprised of high- quality, hypo-allergenic materials. The outer covering is made from a specially designed elastomer ”Procomp”, which offers maximum user comfort as well as resistance to chemicals, high temperature and daily wear and tear. The face shield is composed of highly impact-resistant polycarbonate (PC). This durable,hard-coated PC visor provides excellent solvent and scratch resistance. The newly redesigned inner mask is made from non-allergic silicone - specially chosen for its chemical resistance and wearer acceptance. This soft siliconeinner mask eliminates the feeling of contact with the skin. Because the inner mask is transparent, it is easy to identify the wearer.

  • Approved to EN 136 Class 3, the highest standard for safety.
  • The Promask offers an unobstructed field of vision, thanks to its low profile, wide visor and the placement of the filter.
  • Computer-aided design for unparalleled fit & ready wearer acceptance.
  • Features a unique contoured form offering exceptional fit.
  • Wide T-bar sealing edge guarantees universal, comfortable anatomical adjustment with minimum pressure on the face.
  • Hose connections or filters (standard 40mm) may be mounted on either side reducing the likelihood of neck strain.
  • Highly efficient speech diaphragm provides clear, natural communication, thereby enhancing both safety and convenience.
  • The design of the inner mask reduces CO2-content within the mask to a minimum, thereby decreasing user fatigue. It also prevents the visor from misting by directing the airflow across the visor.
The configuration ofthe airflow channels ensures low breathing resistance. Smooth airflow prolongs battery life when used with power-assisted respirator blowers. Simple to maintain allowing for a long service life, the ProMask can be cleaned without risk of deterioration. The valves are color-coded to facilitate checking and replacement of vital components. All valves are made from flexible, long-life silicone. Weight: 1.2 lbs (0.55 kg) (Mask Only) All Black. Uses any standard 40mm threaded NATO filter. Available in regular and small.


    • 40mm DP (Domestic Preparedness) Gas Mask Filter (expires 2023)
    • DP (Domestic Preparedness) Gas Mask Filter Cartridge $43.50
    • Designed for law enforcement / First Responder use against Chemical/Biological/Nuclear Particulates. Effective against Biological and Chemical Warefare Agents. Reinforced polyamide. No metal parts. Standard 40mm threaded type, fits all 40mm NATO spec. gas masks (NATO/EN 148-1.40mm) Weight: 12.95oz. Particulate filter contains about 160 sq inches non-woven hydrophobic fibreglass paper. HE High efficiency particulate filter for APR (Air Purifying Respirator) or PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator). HEPA - P100 (99.97% filter efficiency level) effective against all particulate aerosols. Add To Cart